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Consultancy Company Limited of University of Civil Engineering (hereinafter CCU) is a former State-owned Enterprise, established by Decision No. 4652/QĐ-BGD&ĐT-TCCB, dated Nov 02, 2000 of the Minister of Education and Training. Since Jun 26, 2013, the Company has officially transferred to Limited Liability Company type with Business Registration Certificate No. 0101 098 048 granted by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department.

CCU has inherited all the designing and manufacturing activities of Civil Engineering faculty of Hanoi Polytechnic University from 1960s and the operations of several Design Workshops and Research Center for science and technology applications of NUCE from its establishment.

The company has a powerful resources of many professors, doctors, masters, engineers and architects who have made great contribution to the science and technology development of the country in all civil engineering fields, including Civil and Industrial construction, Highway and Bridges construction, Water resources, Ventilation, Water supply and sewage, Construction material, etc..

Recently, besides traditional application design, with the mobilization of the scientific human resources of university lecturers, many advanced areas of construction science and technologies have been profoundly researched and have greatly contributed to the construction industry.

CCU has a computer-aided design division and other design enterprises specialized in architecture, structure, M&E, water resources, hydropower, highway, port, offshore structures, etc. with adequate capabilities to meet the requirements of the industry. Moreover, CCU has the authority to use NUCE’s laboratories to do the experimental works to provide necessary data.

With the long period of operation, CCU has become the bridge between NUCE’s lecturers and the construction industry and become a reliable address for investors, domestic and overseas customers.


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Consultancy Company Limited of University of Civil Engineering (CCU)
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