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  1. Survey including topographical survey, geotechnical (soil) investigation, hydro-geological survey, existing structural condition survey and other necessary surveys in construction fields (including environmental impact assessment) for projects
  2. Planning
    - Master planning for urban areas
    - Detailed urban planning
    - Planning of rural area
  3. Project investment studies
    - Preparation of project investment reports (pre-feasibility study) and investment permits for National level projects.
    - Preparation of feasibility study report for projects of Group A, B, C.
    - Preparation of economic-technical reports for projects of the following categories:
  4. Design
    - CCU provides design services for a wide range of projects, including civil, industrial, transportation, water resources, off shore structures, hydropower, information technology, water supply and sanitation, environmental engineering, etc. up to the special level.
    - Depending on the scale and characteristics of the project, the design work can be one-stage, two-stage or three-stage according to the Decree 12/2009/ND-CP about Construction Investment Project Management and may include other design stages according to international practice.
  5. Review of effectiveness and feasibility of project, review of design, cost estimates and total cost estimates
  6. Project and construction management
  7. Procurement, bidder selection consultancy
  8. Construction and equipment installation supervision
  9. Quality verification and testing
  10. Property and facility value assessment
  11. Evaluation and determination of structural failures
  12. Interior and exterior design and construction
  13. Other consulting services are implemented in accordance with requirements of Clients, in compliance with the regulations of Vietnam and international practices.

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